Walk With Locals – JFK100

Saturday, May 27th 2017,

Walk With Locals had an awesome photo meet-up at the Kennedy Center in DC. It wasn’t the normal walk, which usually consists of a small business and walk through town. We had the pleasure to be exploring the center and during the 100 year anniversary celebration was amazing, and I even got to go on the upper level which I have never experienced. It was so lovely to see so many people having fun and experimenting. Seriously check out the tagged photos as there are some amazing talent creating and crafting some amazing works and collaborations. #wwlxjfk100

Here is the group that met up!





My favorite shot of the day was a quick capture that I tweaked a little using the phone app Mextures.



Muggles flying over Hogwarts – – – #WWLxJFK100 #walkwithlocals #Mextures

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