Status Update: Only 3 left for shipping from our first batch, and 7 left to be picked up in locally in Orlando from Logan, please contact him directly.

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We are almost out of our first batch! Only 3 left for shipping and if you are in the Orlando area you can pick one up directly from Logan, please contact him should you want to arrange that…….can you feel the cool breeze of power?

(we shall notify you if the first batch sells out and you are on the second run)

From the brain of Logan Donahoo, Pronounces name LOH-gen DAW-nuh-HOO, around mid May 2017 he posted a silly fun picture showcasing his thoughts on Florida Heat. Myself, Sophocles Grafas, stroked up a conversation on how this would be lovely as a cooling fan.

You can see on the picture to the right that I surprised him with a gift of a mini-IFuckingHateFloridaHeat-fan and that started the idea and the first prototypes of this, being our first joint-venture, silly fun item that is now for sale below.


Please note that these fans are currently being manufactured so once I receive them then it will take 1-2 weeks to get to you so we can keep shipping low.


Approximate Product Dimensions (Per Fan): 
Metrics: 36cm * 4cm * 4.5cm
US: 14.17in * 1.57in * 1.77in



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Quantity? Power?

Full-size Fans Are In!
Smaller Original Prototype

Logan receiving the surprise prototype.

Again these were just a mini gift alpha/beta test fan!

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