SophtGrafix℠ LLC: Creative consultation and artistic creations by Sophocles Grafas. Thats me, and I love to work on a creative project no matter how small. Creative puzzles and making connections are the electricity I feed off of and I have had the pleasure to work on a very wide variety of experiences. Some being static and digital art installation, branding/recruitment campaigns, art education, designing of instructor guides and educational materials, theatre prop/costume design, creation, and performing, and even getting into the world of app and game design.


My love for learning and tinkering in many mediums has opened a lot of new avenues and I enjoy the playing aspect of pushing myself to continue to grow. Soon I hope to get back in the 3d world and start to learn implementation of VR/AR/MR experiences.

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  • Illustration
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Print Production / Retouching / UX/UI / Web Design
Design / Illustration / Motion Graphic / Print Production / UX/UI / Video / Web Design